sobota, 18 listopada 2017

Mini Maria

And what would you do if you had a camera, thousands of ideas in your head and almost magic red shoes, as she herself calls them which will never let you stuck in one place for long? That’s right! You would travel! Mini Maria is a photographer by spirit and a traveller by way of life. Inspired by the books she is reading and music she is listening to, she goes out to discover and explore what this big world is! Long winter evenings she sits in front of her laptop, looking through her photos, drinking tea and looking for the inspiration: where to go next? Her camera is always with her. She photographs at home, from the windows of the trains, cars, planes. She photographs everywhere, capturing the details nobody else notices. She is not afraid to take risks for to take a photo, so you can see her climbing the walls and trees or standing on the edge: there are no limits if she wants to take this photo. Her backpack is always with her to conquer the world. Mini Maria has already conquered Sicily, Poland and even a little part of Trans -Siberian railway, a dream trip for thousands of people. And many more places are yet to come, many more photos are not captured yet and who knows which will be her next journey?
Memories from Sicily:
Largo Arteusa, Ortigia
Isola Bella, Taormina
Isola Bella, Taormina
Fontane Bianche
Fontanna Prozerpiny, Catania
Vicolo delle Belle, Catania
Piazza del Duomo
Aci Castello, Cat
Etna view, Catania

niedziela, 18 czerwca 2017


Karkonosz jest przewodnikiem, urodzonym piechurem i znakomitym gawędziarzem. Oprowadzi każdego wszędzie, po górach, po świecie, gdzie go tylko nogi zaprowadzą... 

środa, 29 marca 2017

Discover Budapest

It was a great experience. Our Zwierzak Kukiełak was named Bunnfie after series of selfie with bunnie. So Bunnfie took part in an amazing project organized by talented Italian Twins Massi and Gabri. He met new friends and he fell in love with them, they discovered together the beautifull city, visited many interesting places and pubs. He learnt a little bit Italian, ate Gulash soup, laughed a lot and now... time passed too fast. Hopefully the Twins will take care of him and he will be a mascot for the next projects. We're waiting for photos of him in different cities. I am sure we will meet him again some day.